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02/03 Changes
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02/03 Changes
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2003 TALONS Interface and Functionality Enhancements

The Standards Review Panel recommended a number of field additions and functional upgrades to the TALONS interface software for 2003. Some of these have been due to HBCIS application upgrades, some to adding additional fields to TII previously not interfaced, and some due to specific site requests to improve management of extract processing. In addition, changes for Version 3 of the Transition application required some format changes to XVI files.


V3 Updates

The following programs now produce XVI30 FILES, EX.XVI.UNIX, EX.XVI.AUSL.UNIX, EX.XVI.OTHER.UNIX

These cover all XVI files including PDSFACTORS. The only change in format was to the AUSLAB XVI file and was made as follows

362   DATA$ =  DATA$:"""L#1":"""L#1":"""L#9":"""L#10":0"R4%9":BILL.CODE"L#10":CONSULTANT"L#10" ; * V11 REV11

362   DATA$ = DATA$:"""L#1":"""L#1":"""L#9":"""L#10":0"R4%11":BILL.CODE"L#10":CONSULTANT"L#10" ; * V11 REV11

Invoice Line number is not sent at all so is not change.

All three programs(4 files including PDSFACTORS) output files now reflect XVI30 RATHER THAN XVI29 in the filename



A) Information Consent/Patient Consent flags

There are four new patient consent flags, governing release of patient information to third parties. Note that these are all 1 character flags. We would prefer to have TALONS write them all to the same field, (HLSYCD - Consulting Phys 1 – 10 chars, in Encounter T1HLCPP). We will then use a formula to extract them within Crystal reporting.

Flag fields are;

Workcover Queensland Consent.


Attribute No. 115 Q-Comp Consent

Format : X

I/O Length : 1

Conv Verification : HPMI.QA.CONS

Values: Y, N, U

Action: Write to char 1 of  field ID 51, HKM4CD MRI Consulting Phys 1, Start position 467, length 10 chars


Motor Accident Insurance Commission Consent.


Attribute No. 113 MAIC Consent (Queensland) 

Format : X

I/O Length : 1

Conv Verification : HPMI.QA.CONS

Values: Y, N, U

Action: Write to char 2 of  field ID 51, HKM4CD MRI Consulting Phys 1, Start position 467, length 10 chars


Department of Veterans Affairs Consent.


Attribute No. 112 DVA Consent (Queensland)

Format : X

I/O Length : 1

Conv Verification : HPMI.QA.CONS

Values: Y, N, U

Action: Write to char 3 of  field ID 51, HKM4CD MRI Consulting Phys 1, Start position 467, length 10 chars

Department of Defence Consent.


Attribute No. 114 DD Consent (Queensland)

Format : X

I/O Length : 1

Conv Verification : HPMI.QA.CONS

Values: Y, N, U

Action: Write to char 4 of  field ID 51, HKM4CD MRI Consulting Phys 1, Start position 467, length 10 chars


Contact Feedback indicator.

File Name : PATIENTS

Attribute No. 54 Feedback Consent Status

Format : A

I/O Length : 1

Action: Write to char 5 of  field ID 51, HKM4CD MRI Consulting Phys 1, Start position 467, length 10 chars

375          FLDFIFTYONEFLAGS = STR("-",10)

376          FLDFIFTYONEFLAGS[1,1] = (ADMISSION<115,1,1>:"-")"L#1"

377          FLDFIFTYONEFLAGS[2,1] = (ADMISSION<113,1,1>:"-")"L#1"

378          FLDFIFTYONEFLAGS[3,1] = (ADMISSION<112,1,1>:"-")"L#1"

379          FLDFIFTYONEFLAGS[4,1] = (ADMISSION<114,1,1>:"-")"L#1"

498          FLDFIFTYONEFLAGS[5,1] = (PATIENT<54,1,1>:"-")"L#1"

867          DATA.ARRAY<051> = FLDFIFTYONEFLAGS"L#10"        ;  *  various data

At 467 for 10 there will be a field with 10 “-“ this is required to ensure that leading, trailing and double blank spaces are not “trimmed”. Where data is found (and there is not much please note, a U Y or N will replace the “-“.

Sample. The “v” is at col 430

     Episode        | v

ZZZ  037901-18      | 00013            MEGS01    1101      NNNNY-----

ZZZ  038613-4       | 0001290          CARD05    1101      NNNNU-----

ZZZ  053478-8       | 000243           MEGM07    1101      NNNNY-----

ZZZ  063986-6       | 0006             EMER01    1101      NNNNU-----

ZZZ  084177-21      | 0001345          MEGS01    1101      UUUUU-----

ZZZ  089277-2       | 000519           CARD05    2308      UUUUU-----

ZZZ  097644-8       | 000848           MEGM01    2102      NNNNU-----

ZZZ  104150-1       | 000243           MEGM07    1101      NNNNY-----

ZZZ  106808-3       | 000253           MESS49    1201      UUUUN-----

ZZZ  130876-3       | 0006             EMER01    1101      NNNNU-----

ZZZ  132722-2       | 000848           MEGM01    1101      NNNNU-----

ZZZ  145447-1       | 000586           MESS03    1101      UUUUN-----


N) Hospital Insurance Status

This field indicates whether the patient has private insurance cover for hospital accommodation.

File Name :            FIN-STATUS

Attribute No. 25      HOSPITAL INSURANCE

Format :                 A

I/O Length :           1

Dict name :            #HOSP.INS

Action: Write to field ID 72, HKSDCD – MRI Financial Class, start 601, length 3 alpha


DATA.ARRAY<072> = FIN.DET<25,1,1>[1,1]"L#1" ; * FINCLASS PRIVATE INSURANCE REV.11.2003


M) Language

File Name : PATIENTS

Attribute No. 8 Language Spoken

Format : X

I/O Length : 4


Native language spoken. Currently I believe language codes are 2 characters. Please check this. If we need to go to a longer TII field,  Field ID 108, HKOFCD – MRI Employer, start 747, length 10 alpha would be the preferred option.

Action: Write to field ID 107, HKSMCD – MRI Employment Status, start 745, length 2 alpha


DATA.ARRAY<107> = PATIENT<8,1,1>"L#2":STR(" ",8)        ;  * LANGUAGE

All codes are two digit, Field will be “nn________”, e.g. padded with spaces


B) Compensable Status

File Name : COMPS

Attribute No. 18 Assign Bill TO

Format : X

I/O Length : 1

Indicates party liable for compensation, if any. (ie. Workcover, MAIS, DVA, DoD.)

Action: Write to field ID 82, HKR7ST – Link Key, start position 634, length 1 char


C) Date of Death

File Name : PATIENTS

Attribute No. 28 - Date of Death

Format : Date

I/O Length : 4

Conv : D2


Date of death entered posthumously from obituary notices, or other informal advice. Requested by a number of sites at data quality. Claimed as reliable, and would give good post-hospital outcomes measure.

There is another field in the PPATIENTS file with the same attribute number, but I would hope all dates of death where known are entered on the PATIENTS file (??)

Action:Write to field ID 109, HKOGCD – Guarantor Employer, start 757, length 10 alpha



Added to XV & XVOP – YYYMMDD__

Added to Saved Info.


D) Birthweight


Attribute No. 42 – Birth Weight VERSION 1 ONLY

Format : 0N

Dictionary Name : #BIRTH.WEIGHT


Records birth weight for babies born in hospital. (Jim, please check if this field is populated for infants. The only other field I can identify labelled “weight” are from the BIRTHS file.)


Write to field ID 79, HKD0NR - MRI Birthweight Grams, start 615, length 5 numeric


IF BIRTHWEIGHT = "" AND MED.REC<12,1,1> # "" THEN BIRTHWEIGHT = MED.REC<12,1,1>"R%4" added, Birth Registration Module will be principle source, if bank, MED-REC attribute 12.

** Change applied to all sites, but priority will be data from Delivery Module.



 E) Emergency Morbidity Coding from EMG2

In effect, this is ambulatory morbidity coding, and will require creation of extract XVII and XXI records, in a similar way to extract XVOP.

This is required from both EMG2 and EDIS



Attribute No. 51 PROCEDURE

Format : X

I/O Length : 3

Dictionary : #PROCEDURE

Date of Service for procedures to be date of presentation.

Ordering Physician and Surgeon fields to be obtained from


Attribute No : 23 Doctor

Format : -

I/O Length : 5

Conv Verification : DOCTORS

Dictionary : #23

Sites will also need to extract procedure codes and descriptions from the emergency module to add to their local ICD code description tables.

Could you also quote on obtaining these from the emergency module.


F) Emergency Morbidity Coding from EDIS

Procedural Coding is included with the EDIS extract, as a multivalue string separated by “/” forward slashes. In a sample from CBH, some records have extensive (ie 31) procedural coding.


EDIS: Create extract XVII records for EDIS encounters, from the procedure code string present in the existing EDIS extract.

Date of Service to be the presentation date.

Ordering Physician to be obtained from the EDIS extract also.


Diag Codes and Procedure codes added from EMG2, Procedure codes added from EDIS. Filenames suffixed with OP

Samples from a Hospital


$ tail XXX0212.XXIOP

XXX  nnn708.02022817     EMR69 001P         1611      20020604                                       PN

XXX  nnn979.02023911     EMR69 001P         1674      20020612                                       PN

XXX  nnn675.02022901     EMZ711001P         UNK       20020604                                       PN

XXX  nnn130.02022856     EMR69 001P         UNK       20020604                                       PN

XXX  nnn194.02024142     EMR69 001P         UNK       20020614                                       PN

XXX  nnn827.02023865     EMR688001P         1439      20020611                                     PN

XXX  nnn853.02024510     EMR69 001P         UNK       20020615                                       PN

XXX  nnn404.02023701     EMR69 001P         1614      20020610                                       PN

XXX  nnn116.02024287     EMR69 001P        1668      20020614                                       PN

XXX  nnn193.02023054     EMR69 001P         UNK       20020606                                       PN


$ tail ZZZ0212.XVIIOP

ZZZ  nn5891.02024082     EMGXRA  20020612001N 1493               

ZZZ  nn6326.02024235     EMGXRA  20020614001N UNK                

ZZZ  nn6326.02024235     EMGBLO  20020614002N UNK                

ZZZ  nn7349.02022974     EMGBLO  20020606001N UNK                

ZZZ  nn8088.02024075     EMGBLO  20020613001N 1611                

ZZZ  nn8559.02023678     EMGBLO  20020610001N 1614               

ZZZ  nn8559.02023678     EMGXRA  20020610002N 1614               

ZZZ  nn8652.02024592     EMGBLO  20020616001N 1283               

ZZZ  nn8652.02024592     EMGXRA  20020616002N 1283               

ZZZ  nn8953.02024507     EMGBLO  20020616001N 1613               


G) TALONS progressive processing status for satellites as well as main hospital.


Action: Allow sites to view progressive processing status for Satellite Site extracts as well as for the main hospital.

These options on the View Running status menu, for XV and XVI will now cycle each 12 seconds through all running background processes running or have run on that Day. As well as Satellites, the viewer will also view background tasks for Auslab and Other Extracts. The Process can be interrupted with an <esc> key, or you may page though the delays quicker by “HITTING ANY KEY.




H) TMS Interface


There are a number of fields present within TMS which are not represented within Transition II. In particular Assisting Surgeon 1, Assisting Surgeon 2, and Anaesthetist are not present. We wish the data elements present within the ORMIS extract, and passed to TII, to be obtained from TMS as well where possible.

Action: Where possible, obtain the same data elements and products from the TMS system, as are currently being extracted from ORMIS.


In XV, the same fields are supplied for TMS as ORMIS.


Certainly there is less detail in the XVI, as sadly the available dates and times for division of the separate procedures into products scaled by surgeon count, nurse count and the like are just not available.


I suspect that this request has come from someone who has not remembered that the XVI either ORMIS or TMS for a period needs to be run before the Theatre stuff will show up in XV.


Please confirm in some detail your actual requirements.


There are no Assisting Surgeon fields in XV, and as noted in XVI the Surgeons time cannot be split amongst procedures and the requesting Doctor allocated to the Surgeon code supplied for that procedure as in ORMIS as there is no correlation.



I) Separate processing for Satellite MR and utilisation extracts

Some sites (eg Palm Island) have significant delays in entering ATD data as well as utilisation. Sites wish to have the option of separately processing extracts XV as well as XVI for each Satellite Site.

Action: Allow satellite medical record and utilisation extracts to be run independently of main hospital extract processes.

A change in the Launch process for Background Extracts, that prompts initially for a “Y” / “N” on each satellite account, as well as the starting date and time for each account. The Times default to 21:00, with the time and date for each subsequent account being set in increments of 3 hours. These times and dates can be set as you wish, or a space entered to cause immediate running


J) Add new department mapping screen to all sites.

Wave 1 sites have an additional TALONS menu item used for mapping new Feeder System Departments to TII departments. (Labelled “Identify New Departments”. All sites wish to have access to this screen.

Action: Add “Identify New Departments” TALONS menu item for all sites.

Added to Codes Menu, as New Wards, Units & Clinics. Process will identify and add all new codes for APP, WARD, UNIT and PDS feeders. Ward, Unit and Clinic Descriptions will be refreshed. Printout will include new codes and existing XX codes as well. In some cases, where PDS or APP2 files are present on HBCIS, but not in use, PDS entries will be created. The process runs for the MAIN and Satellite sites.


Menu Entry will be “New Wards, Units & Clinics


Output will be similar to below


TALONS-XXX           wards

TALONS-XXX           units

TALONS-XXX           wards for PDS

TALONS-XXX           clinics for APP


TALONS-YYY           wards

TALONS-YYY           units

TALONS-YYY           clinics for APP


TALONS-ZZZ           wards

TALONS-ZZZ           units

TALONS-ZZZ           clinics for APP




Output to screen or printer queue (S), P :p

Name of Printer queue :                   NAM-J-TRAN2 HS


The Current Default printer queue and options will display e.g. NAM-J-TRAN2 HS, If you wish the job to print immediately rather than as a hold file, change the HS option if shown H is for Hold file, S is to suspend printing, choosing XXXX H will print immediately, but create a hold file. HS creates a hold file and Suspends printing, and S creates a suspended file that will erase on printing. Simple. You may also select an alternate queue, contact your IS dept to identify the names of printer queues you may wish to use. If all else fails, a “STANDARD HS” entry will create a Hold file what you can copy to your Unix directory and FTP server using the Talons Spooler utility. See Print Spooler Access.


K) Re-extract all encounters by Discharge Fiscal Year parameter.

Often, for various reasons, sites need to re-extract all inpatient encounters for a fiscal year.

Action: Amend extract XV processing options to allow sites to extract ALL inpatient encounters discharged during a fiscal year.


Note: In TII, Discharge Fiscal Year is labelled “2003” for the 2002/2003 financial year. The DFY parameter in TALONS should also follow this convention.


Menu item is “Flag Financial Year XV Disch” on codes setup menu.








 Correct ?

==========Calander months processed============================================

200107 - 07/08/02   198806 -                   -                   -

All discharges from 1st July to 30thJune in years specified will be flagged.  



PLEASE NOTE, Flagging for re-sending will not override cut-off date set as per below when starting extracts, you must set this date so it includes the records you have flagged. In the example above, the date would need to be 1/7/2001


TALONS-XXX                              EX.XVI.LAUNCH.PHANT - T2.7.5                             


Extract program                     EX.XV.IP11.UNIX

Re Select Data File                 Y

Check Saved Admission information   N

Cut-off Date for old Data           01-07-2002



L) Sites to have option to specify precedence rules for attachment of utilisation to APP2 clinics occurring on the same day.

The issue identified where two separate attendances are being recorded on APP2 for the same day, and the first is “stealing” utilisation from the second, is localised to a small number of sites. However, a general business rules governing utilisation attachment in these cases problematic. Sites would prefer the option of specifying precedence rules, where there are demonstrated instances of APP2 clashes.

Action: Develop an interface allowing each site to specify precedence rules for utilisation attachment where more than one APP2 clinic attendance occurs in a single day.


We have agreed that a list of CLINICS to be excluded from the Episode Index will be kept, this will ensure no other utilisation other than the “Clinic Attendance” is ever linked to that episode. As part of the installation, the APP.EPISODES file will need to be cleared of INDEX entries already made to the Undesired Clinics, or better still completely cleared, it is re-built during processing. This program is not the same at all sites, for reasons not known and will require custom modification at many sites.

The reason for implementing in this way was that after analysis of the problem, it was apparent that there were some clinics held on the same day that should not have had other utilisation linked to them. Further analysis indicated that the “same day” part of the issue was in fact irrelevant and that excluding certain clinics like Allied Health or Blood tests Clinic (where appointments are managed in APP) from creating episodes for other utilisation to link to was a better solution with much simpler administration, and that also addressed the same day issues reported.


This is implemented using a screen accessed from the Codes Steup MenuApp Clinic Episode Xcludes

WEST.ENTRY APP.EXCL                        TALONS-xxx 529 TALONS-XXX


02     EXCLUDE Y/N[Y]

A search for clinics is available in field 1 with a “?”.

Please Note. At all sections of a Multicampus site, and at satellite sites only for sites with satellites, clinics will be prefixed with the Satellite or other TLA.

Clinc codes entered incorrectly can be “DELETE”d instead of “F”iled, or can have the Exlude flag set to “N”. Only clinics with the flag set to “Y” will be excluded, others with no entry or set to “N” will be included.